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Coaching Services

Premarriage Coaching -- Along with planning your romantic proposal and the work you'll put into creating a beautiful, special wedding day,  take time out to strengthen what's most important -- your relationship.    You are each coming together from different backgrounds and experiences and with different natures -- learn how to harmonize your perspectives without losing your individual voice.   You'll learn critical strategies to protect boundaries in and around your relationship, manage conflict, and create a home that fosters a climate of love and respect.

Marriage Coaching --  No other relationship has the potential to be as fulfilling and life enhancing as a strong marriage.  Research shows that people in happy marriages tend to be healthier, both emotionally and physically [1].  But, strong marriages do not just happen. They require a considerable amount of work.  Marriage coaching equips you with advanced strategies for communicating and hearing each other, de-escalating conflict, and building intimacy and trust.   Set course for individual and joint growth bolstered by a healthy marriage.


Reconciliation Coaching --  Don't throw it all away.  You've invested so much.  You've built a home and life together, created a family.  It may seem like the smallest trigger causes destructive patterns to repeat and repeat.  You feel alone.  It's hard to forgive.  Neither of you know how to break these cycles, but with the right help, you can liberate your selves from destructive patterns and reconnect in deep, affirming ways.  There is no better growth journey than working through the challenges and reaping the gifts of a long-term committed relationship.  




Employers -- As an employer,  you care about the well being of your employees and also know the  cost in productivity and morale when employees have problems in their marriage or key relationships.   You may see increases in absenteeism and presenteeism (when an employee is present, but not fully functioning) that affect your bottom line. Shapo Interactive LLC offers in-office workshops to promote healthy relationships at home and increased productivity at work.

Organizations -- Is helping members become the best version of themselves part of your organization's mission? Help them build a marriage or key relationship that fosters mutual support, respect, refuge, and confidence, so they can soar.  Invite Shapo Interactive LLC to speak at your next meeting or event.


Marriage Coaching
Reconciliatin Anchor
Coaching Srvies

What happens during the Coaching Sessions?

Partners will meet jointly for most session, with individual partner meetings at established progress points.

Coaching encourages partners to strive to:

  • identify and leverage relationship strengthens;

  • recognize and respect healthy boundaries;                                                                    

  • improve the ability to understand and perspective-take;                                                

  • take ownership of regretful behaviors and explore how to make amends;       


  • identify and assert needs and wants in a respectful manner;

  • collaborate in a caring, effective way to create sound solutions;

  • Playing Cubes spell Change

    Other benefits of coaching include:

    • having the time and attention of others to say what matters most;                                                               

    • discussing issues in a forum that minimizes defensiveness;                                                 

    •  identifying the multiple factors contributing to a particular challenge, so all factors may be  collaboratively addressed.                    

    • improve communication skills.


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