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Premarriage Coaching

Thinking of making a lasting commitment? Whether you're considering marriage or already engaged, premarriage coaching will give you the time, space, and guidance you need to develop essential skills for creating a fulfilling and joyful relationship.  


Marriage Coaching

Let your marriage help you thrive.  Whether you're newly married, juggling work and kids or whether an empty nest or retirement is on the horizon, investing in skills to keep your marriage strong is the best investment of your life.


Reconciliation Coaching

Are you separated physically or emotionally, but something inside tells you not to give up?  Listen. Give it one more try, but  this time learn skills you need to build trust, bridge differences, communicate effectively and peacefully resolve conflict.

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Marriage and Work

How does your marriage impact your work?  Did you know that marriage quality impacts job performance?  Studies show that chronic marital conflict increases stress and contributes to emotional and physical health issues that may result in  memory problems, distractibility, interpersonal issues, fatigue, and lower job satisfaction as unresolved marital conflict goes on.

Conversely, high levels of marital satisfaction actually functions as a buffer to work stress, that may give you greater cognitive and emotional resources for your job, a heightened sense of self-efficacy, and increased creativity in tackling work tasks.  For the sake of your personal well-being, career, and the commitment you have made to your spouse and family,  why not try a fresh approach that can move you to the next level at home and at work.

Employers:  See what a Shapo Interactive LLC in-office presentation promoting healthy relationships can bring to your business or firm.

Marriage and You

Are you feeling limited in your marriage?  Marriage is for the long haul.  It's common to experience ebbs and flows in your marriage satisfaction, as well as in your sense of personal development.   While it is not always easy, personal and marital growth in the context of commitment is always worthwhile.  Has it occurred to you that your marriage is the perfect vehicle to provide the unique challenges needed to develop qualities in yourself that you most admire?  It will take work, and there may be times when you feel stuck, but support on your journey is here.

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